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Stranded on a desert island with a billionaire playboy? This nerdy accountant is used to things getting fiscal… not physical.

I travel to my best friend’s private island to celebrate her first wedding anniversary. Incredible, right? Sure—until a tropical storm strands me and the former best man together alone. And of course the storm washes his fancy seaplane out onto the open ocean.

Being forced to survive in the wilderness (okay, the comfort of a luxury private island) with Jonah Wells isn’t ideal. He made it obvious a year ago that he’s more into supermodels than accounting interns—as if the tabloid images online didn’t make it obvious enough.

I thought my crush on Jonah was dead and buried, but something happens on the island. A lot of something’s, actually. Jonah’s capable, hot and funny, and I throw caution to the wind for a vacation fling that’s more than either of us bargained for.

We decide to see if we can make it work back in the real world of electricity and cell service. Before I know it, I’m trying to survive a long-distance relationship with the most eligible bachelor in Chicago while enduring a brutal internship in New York, and I’m the paparazzi’s new favorite target.

Loving a billionaire Adonis should be as easy as one, two, three, but Jonah Wells is an equation I just can’t solve.

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