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From NDA to PDA with an O. M. G.

When a smoking’ hot stranger arrives at my door threatening to sue me if I don’t agree to be his fiancé, I can’t believe my ears.

Turns out, the eye candy I accidentally (ahem!) snapped a secret picture of with my shutter sound on (!!) was hotshot billionaire CEO Beckett Philmore. And there’s half a million bucks and some mentoring on the table to help me start my dream business if I sign on the dotted line.

All I have to do is play the smitten fiancé well enough to convince his father and awful younger brother we’re in love. Easy enough, considering the perks—a penthouse view, a brand new car, finally getting my business off the ground…

One fake fiancé, reporting for duty!

But dang, the instinct that made us clash at first still ignites sparks between us, and things are heating up.

Beckett’s more than a pretty face. He’s dryly funny, caring, reliable… and hot doesn’t even cover it. The line between fantasy and reality is getting blurry.

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep pretending—if I’m even pretending any more.

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